So You are a hard assed tour manager who wants more loading power from less crew
well why not invest in a Berkeley Bionics™, Exoskeleton. Put a couple of crew in these
and watch the gear fly in. Berkeley Bionics™ formerly Berkeley ExoWorks, design and
manufactures lower extremity exoskeletons to augment human strength and endurance.
Serious bionic man stuff.
The exoskeleton is comprised of two powered legs, a power unit, small on-board
microcomputer, and a backpack-like frame on which a variety of heavy loads can be
mounted (like a 12 box drop of Line array – ed!) This system provides its pilot (i.e. its wearer)
with the ability to carry significant loads (up to 150 pounds) on his/her back with minimal
effort over any type of terrain for extended periods of time without reducing his/her agility.
The pilot’s physical effectiveness increases significantly since he/she does not feel the
backpack weight.
There is no joystick, pushbutton, or keyboard to “drive” the exoskeleton;
the pilot becomes an integral part of the exoskeleton while walking. An on-board
micro-computer ensures that the exoskeleton moves in concert with the pilot with
minimal interaction force between the two.
The exoskeletons’ unique design offers an ergonomic, highly maneuverable, mechanically
robust, lightweight, and durable outfits to surpass typical human limitations.
The exoskeletons designed by Berkeley Bionics™ have numerous applications; they can
provide soldiers, disaster relief workers, wildfire fighters, and other emergency personnel
the ability to carry major loads such as food, rescue equipment, first-aid supplies,
communications gear, and weaponry without the strain typically associated with demanding labor.
Our exoskeletons incorporate breakthrough technologies that will provide a versatile transport
platform for mission-critical equipment. What more can I say YOU GOTTA HAVE ONE!!!