Ard Soilse Riggers gain PLASA National Riggers Certificate

In another first for Irish based production company Ard Soilse Productions Limited, director Joe Betts and head rigger Jay Kavanagh successfully passed the Professional Lighting and Sound Association NRC Level 2 following a two day practical and theoretical assessment at the Total Fabrications training centre in Birmingham at the end of October.

Director Joe Betts said “we have been working towards this for quite some time, we registered with PLASA nearly 2 years ago, in the meantime we developed work practices and training based on the best codes of practice from the UK and Germany, and I am sure that this is what enabled us to successfully meet the requirements for the NRC.

Many of today’s established and seasoned professionals have learned their trade on the job by working alongside more experienced colleagues and when proven over time have become accepted into the fold so to speak.

There has never been any formal way to establish competence, something that younger entrants into the industry, who look to the training and qualifications available to their peers in other sectors, are increasingly asking for.

There is a health and safety angle to this too of course, and as a responsible employer we have an obligation to ensure that our employees are adequately equipped to do their job without endangering themselves, other employees, or indeed members of the public.

Gaining the NRC is just one of a number of initiatives that we have been working on.

Earlier this year we became the first Irish entertainment industry company to gain membership of the Lifting Equipment Engineers Association (LEEA).

We spent about a year preparing for our LEEA membership application, honing our equipment management and inspection processes to ensure that they would stand the scrutiny of the LEEA audit. Thankfully we passed the initial audit, and this year we passed the full surveillance audit also.

Through LEEA membership we have access to excellent training resources, and already have one of our employees through their part one examinations.

The real benefit here is that we are able to issue reports of thorough examination of lifting equipment as required by the health and safety legislation. A condition of LEEA membership is to have professional indemnification insurance to cover this activity, of course this is not cheap but it does mean that both we and our customers can have peace of mind”

Based in Shannon Co, Clare Ard Soilse Productions Limited provides lighting, rigging, staging, and production services to the entertainment industry throughout the Island of Ireland.
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