Barco High End Systems Intellaspot XT-1

Posted on 06.26.10

Demo of the new Intellaspot XT1 from Barco High End Systems [watch video]


Posted on 06.26.10

Line 6, Inc. (line6.com), the industry leader in digital modeling technology for music-creation products, announced today its new XD-series line of digital wireless microphone systems.

“When it comes to digital technology, Line 6 is always one step ahead” remarked Don Boomer, Microphone Product Line Manager at Line 6. “We recognized long ago that analog wireless technology was showing signs of diminished reliability and quality. That’s why the XD-series systems feature our fourth-generation digital wireless technology when other companies are on their first. The result is unmatched wireless performance, simplicity and sound quality worldwide – license free.”

The XD-series line includes two handheld cardioid microphone systems, XD-V30 and XD-V70, and two beltpack systems, XD-V30L and XD-V70L.

All XD-series digital wireless systems feature exclusive Line 6 digital technologies. New DCL™ (Digital Channel Lock) and PDP™ (Proprietary Data Placement) technologies provide encoded digital transmissions, govern against AF interference and audio artifacts, and ensure reliable operation in hostile RF environments.

Whereas analog wireless systems’ audio may degrade with distance, Line 6 digital wireless technologies ensures zero audio degradation. XD-series digital wireless microphone systems feature full-quality audio specs (10 Hz – 20 kHz RF frequency response, up to >120 dB dynamic range, and 24-bit digital conversion) to the limits of their ranges.

XD-V30 and XD-V70 take advantage of Line 6’s leadership position in digital modeling technology. They feature high-quality microphone models (one in XD-V30; seven in XD-V70) inspired by the sounds of the world’s leading live-sound microphones. These models provide familiar sounds to performers, audiences and front-of-house engineers.

All four digital wireless systems broadcast in the 2.4GHz band, which successfully avoids interference from high-powered sources. The 2.4GHz band also allows for license-free use worldwide.

XD-V30 and XD-V30L: 6 channels, 100-foot range, 1/3U rack receiver with internally mounted antennas, metal and polycarbonate chassis, carrying case.

XD-V70 and XD-V70L: 12 channels, 300-foot range, 1/2U rack receivers with built-in antenna distribution system, heavy-duty metal chassis.

XD-V30 Digital Wireless Microphone System - $349.99 (estimated retail price)

XD-V30L Digital Wireless Beltpack System - $349.99 (estimated retail price)

XD-V70 Digital Wireless Microphone System - $499.99 (estimated retail price)

XD-V70L Digital Wireless Beltpack Microphone System - $499.99 (estimated retail price)

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Alcons Delivers Smooth Sounds to Stockholm Jazz Festival

Posted on 06.24.10

10th-12th June 2010 saw the Stockholm Jazz Festival celebrating its 30th anniversary, with performances by artists ranging from heavyweights of the genre like John Scofield, Wayne Shorter and Courtney Pine to those with broader appeal, including Elliot, Kool and the Gang and the Brand New Heavies.

Bringing this remarkable variety of music to the unique Skeppsholmen island venue was an Alcons Audio system.

This was the first year that Bromma-based rental company Electrosound had provided the festival’s audio system, as a part of the complete sound/light/stage production by Live Media Group. Designed by Electrosound’s Brollan Söderström and LMG’s Robert Karlsson, a unique Alcons LR16 rig overcame a significant lack of space without compromising on sound quality.

The festival features two parallel stages which flip flop between artists - so while one has a performance underway, the other one is being set up for the next artist. The Alcons system featured three clusters, that on the left being the left stage’s left hang, the one on the right the right stage’s right hang, while that in the middle functioned as the left stage’s right hang and right stage’s left hang.

“Because the site is constricted, there was no space to fly the LR16B bass cabinets on the side of the LR16s, so we flew them behind the LR16s and time delayed the LR16 arrays back to the LR16Bs,” says Brollan. “Similarly, we had three ground stacks of 2 x 18” subs, each one designed as an ‘end fire’ array, with four boxes in one row and another set of four boxes behind. These were spaced with the distance matching half a wavelength at 55hz and time aligned accordingly.”

Due to the space limitations, Electrosound couldn’t position the PA towers at the ideal position of in line with, or just behind, the stage front. They had to be positioned a few metres forward but, with two clusters of three LR14 enclosures stacked on each stage, nobody at the front lost out on any of the sonic experience.

Despite its billing as a jazz festival, the event caters for broad musical tastes and the Alcons system was more than up to the task of coping with styles ranging from R&B to the most impenetrable jazz improvisation, ensuring that the enthusiastic audience didn’t miss a single note.

“We had Alcons VR8s for FOH nearfills and the engineers had to trust what they heard in them during a quick sound / line check before each act. Thanks to the similarity in the construction of the VR8 and the LR16, the sound in the VR8s matched the main system sound remarkably well, which gave each engineer a very good starting point.”

“Everyone was very happy,” says Brollan. “I was talking a few days later to Kool and The Gang’s FOH engineer, He said that he wished he’d had an Alcons system at the show they did the day after Stockholm Jazz. I think that says a lot!”

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London to get its first InfoComm Academy Day in April

Posted on 03.30.10

HEMEL HEMPSTEAD, UK, 29 MARCH 2010: InfoComm International®, the leading trade association for professional AV and information communications, is to host an InfoComm Academy Day in London on Friday, 23 April. The first Academy Day to be held in the UK, the event will include three educational seminars, all of which are approved to provide InfoComm certification renewal units.
After the education sessions, a Regional Roundtable will be held in the same location, giving attendees the opportunity to network with their peers, find out the latest news from InfoComm, and suggest ways in which InfoComm can help their business and the wider industry.
Chris Lavelle, InfoComm Regional Manager, UK & Ireland, comments: “The Academy Day is a relatively new idea that has been successful wherever it has been staged, and we’re really excited to be bringing the concept to London this spring. With three high-quality seminars, a regional update from InfoComm and plenty of time for discussion, the emphasis is on value for money and enabling attendees to learn a lot without spending too much time away from their office.”
The events will take place at London’s Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, which is sponsoring the day alongside leading UK AV distributor RGB Communications. The Academy Day sessions are open to all, with registration costing £60 per person, excluding VAT. InfoComm members pay just £40 and can use EduBucks to gain a 50% discount off this. The Roundtable component is free to attend, but is open only to InfoComm members and invited guests. In 2009, InfoComm hosted six Regional Roundtables across the UK and Ireland. This April’s London Roundtable will be followed by additional dates in Manchester (Macdonald Hotel, 26 April), Edinburgh (University Library, 27 April) and Dublin (Red Cow Hotel, 29 April), with further events planned for the second half of the year.
“A unique, relaxed environment in which industry leaders can share ideas in confidence, InfoComm’s Regional Roundtables have become a worldwide phenomenon,” says Lavelle. “At our April Roundtables, we will be focusing on data from InfoComm’s Market Definition & Strategy Study – the first-ever survey of the global AV industry – as well as discussing another InfoComm-commissioned report, ‘Building Automation – Opportunities and Challenges for the Audiovisual Industry’.
“After that there will be an update on things to come from InfoComm, together with a chance for attendees to raise any pressing issues that concern them. We then end the day with a cocktail reception, allowing our guests to catch up with old acquaintances and, indeed, make new ones.
“This year is turning out to be both challenging and exciting for our industry, and we’re delighted to be hosting a series of events that will allow our guests to benefit from the education, the market research, and the networking possibilities that only InfoComm can provide.” [watch video]

Joe Betts of Ard Soilse becomes first rigger in Ireland to achieve NRC Levels 2 & 3

Posted on 03.30.10

This March Joe Betts of Ard Soilse became the first rigger in Ireland to achieve the PLASA NC levels 2 (Rigger) and 3 (Rigging Supervisor).
Joe has been registered on the NRC scheme since 2007, when he registered at Plasa on the day the scheme was launched, having followed its progress for the past year.
In October 2009 he sat the Level 2 exam at total solutions group, and in March 2010 he went on to complete his level 3 examination, with his on site assessment being carried out at the City West Hotel in Dublin during the get in for the All Ireland and International Dancing competition.
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L-Acoustics introduce new KARA Modular Line source system

Posted on 03.30.10

With a design inspired by the K1 stadium system, KARA delivers the highest performance for the rental market. The system features a compact size and lightweight enclosure complying with rigging and visual limitations and the complementary SB18 subwoofer for reinforced LF contour applications. KARA delivers a considerable number of improvements over its predecessor: added LF resources for increased bandwidth and coherence, improved directivity control in the horizontal plane, vertical coverage capability and improved ergonomics thanks to an integrated rigging system and lighter weight.
With a horizontal directivity of 110° and a vertical inter-element variation up to 10°, KARA is fully configurable to match any audience geometry. Utilizing the unrivalled characteristics of Wavefront Sculpture Technology (WST®), KARA delivers clarity, precision, and a unique proximity effect
L-Acoustics Website [watch video]